Historic Barns Park
Historic Barns Park is a 56 acre section of land within the Grand Traverse Commons. This site was once a working farm that fed patients and employees of the former Traverse City State Hopsital. TC Community Gardens, now manages a sportion of this property, under the ownership of the Traverse City/Garfield Township Recreation Authority. Read on to learn about us, and the other active management partners at Historic Barns Park.
TC Community Garden (TCCG)
TC Community Garden was founded in 2012 as a grass roots effort to ensure the public continued to have access to organic growing space within Historic Barns park.

TCCG manages the garden using the classic community garden model. Members "rent" a manageable size plot of land for a season to grow their own fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Last year's tenants get first dibs on renewing thier plot. This garden is the largest such space in northern michigan!

We have gardeners live in condos, apartments, or shade-covered neighborhoods. Other gardeners have run out of room gardening at home. No matter the reason for coming to the garden in the first place, our members agree that the garden community is a good reason to stay. 

You don't have to rent a plot to be part of our garden community! A growing number of our members join for the fellowship, classes, events, discounts, and other member benefits. It is fun to have garden friends!
The Botanic Garden at Historic Barns Park
We love having The Botanic Garden as our neighbors! The Botanic Garden is a year-round sanctuary of environmental preservation, recreation and education. Its 25 acres nurtures the soul, enlivens our history and promotes Michigan’s natural beauty. With an emphasis on plant species native to northwest Michigan, it creates and enhances habitats for various forms of wildlife. As a place of refreshment and solace, The Botanic Garden’s unique and original design strives to inform and inspire.

A pleasure to be so close to this beautiful piece of local history. The historic barns continue to bring in amazing events and great people. We are happy to share our garden with all their visitors and hope they have fun strolling the grounds. A perfect venue for many events.  If you would like to reserve the Cathedral Barn for an event, please contact TCCG friend and venue manager, Stephanie Lee Wiitala at [email protected] or call 231.409.8382.
SEEDS is also located in the Historic Barns Park.

At the HBP, SEEDS operates out of the old Blacksmith Shop and engages with the landscape to publicly practice small scale farming, energy education, and carbon drawdown.